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The automotive industry is transforming into the Software Defined Vehicle, an architecture where software is the driving factor and where data is what enables this transformation.
Every vehicle will collect, process, store and forward huge amounts of data, every second, and in order to manage these flows of data into a coherent confluence, a world class database management system is paramount. Infrastructure and cloud application add complexity on top of this, creating a need for a concise way of addressing this problem.

The Mimer SQL Automotive Advantage

Mimer SQL Automotive is a compact, scalable and zero maintenance database management system, perfect for complex embedded domains such as automotive and is part of a suite designed to address this, but also the data center and cloud.
Mimer SQL Automotive is designed for an environment where there are critical real-time systems as well as high level applications producing large amounts of data, and where this system require high performance data management.

In-memory for optimal performance

Mimer SQL Automotive can be configured to run in memory, thus alleviating the performance penalty that comes with secondary storage. Everything is done with the optimum speed of the processor, with unsurpassed performance and reliability.
The in-memory database is an excellent addition to the more traditional way of planning storage. Having this option makes it possible to design a data architecture to use an in-memory database for extreme performance and to work with data on a secondary storage for large volumes, all depending on the requirements and the preconditions.

Small footprint

Mimer SQL Automotive has the industry´s best footprint-functionality ratio. This means that Mimer SQL Automotive offers more functionality in a smaller footprint than any other database product. It is possible to customize functionality and footprint with the different editions of Mimer SQL.


Storing data in Mimer SQL Automotive is not only convenient and efficient, it is safe. The built-in roles and user system ensure that data can only be read or written by a process that has the right permissions. Data travelling over a network is encrypted with industry standard encryption, all designed to ensure that what is most important is safe; your data. On the ARM architecture does Mimer SQL Automotive come with the added capability of storing data in the Trusted Execution Environment – a way to build a tamper proof storage for sensitive or immutable data.

Connectivity options

Mimer SQL Automotive includes support for a wide range of ways to connect with the database, all depending on your choice of programming language or environment. Java and well C# are supported through JDBC and .Net, respectively, but there is of course a native API that is the logical choice in a space and resource constrained environment, called Mimer API.
Mimer SQL Automotive also comes with support for Qt and Python, allowing easy access of data from GUI and dashboard applications, as well as seamless connectivity with state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning solutions.

Cross platform support

Mimer SQL Automotive is designed with many architectures and operating systems in mind. As a company Mimer has decades of experience with porting between platforms, something that shows in the current offering where we can provide a customer with versions for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, BlackBerry QNX, INTEGRITY or VxWorks, and this list keeps growing.

Full feature SQL

Mimer SQL Automotive implements the ISO SQL standard. This means that Mimer SQL Automotive supports important enterprise class SQL features like ACID transactions, stored procedures, triggers, fine-grained access control and views. Scaling and moving a solution between the vehicle, the edge and the cloud becomes seamless as all implementations are in essence the same and all information fully interchangeable. Any client on any side can connect to any database, as long as there is a working communication interface, and moving data back and forth is made simple.

Android, Linux, Windows and more..

With unrivaled performance and reliability, Mimer SQL Automotive manages all your application data such as sensor/actuator data, logs, trends, parameters, and administrative data in one data storage. Data can be accessed using our unique Mimer SQL API or any standard SQL interface.

Mimer SQL Automotive is especially targeting automotive and transportation systems applications, but also process automation, robotics, military applications and medical/health-care systems. The key is reliability and performance in a small form factor. Mimer has a long experience of customization and porting the Mimer SQL products for various requirements and environments.

All Mimer´s products stem from the same code-base and can be tailored for systems ranging from tiny real-time control-nodes to resource abundant enterprise servers.
Mimer SQL Automotive can be made available for a wide range of operating systems, both general and RTOS and evaluation versions for Windows, Linux, VxWorks, QNX and INTEGRITY are available upon request. For more information about Mimer SQL Automotive, please contact us.

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