Support & Training

Support & training general

Our Support & Training Department gives you access to all of our database expertise and experience. Our Mimer SQL experts are very skilled with a number of years of experience of Mimer SQL.

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Let us train you

All our training is given either as scheduled courses at our training center or as on-site customer training wherever you are based (we’ve given Mimer SQL training in Australia, Europe and North America recently).

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Consulting services

Let us help you with what we are absolutely best at, solutions for relational databases. This will enable you to concentrate on what you are best at, application and product development!

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SQL validation services

use our Mimer SQL Validator to verify all your SQL statements. The Mimer SQL Validator supports ISO SQL:99 and SQL:2016.

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Mimer Service Management

Mimer SQL Developer

If you don't have a Mimer SQL Software Support Contract and still want some answers about Mimer SQL, there are loads of useful information on the Mimer SQL Developer site.

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Support Section Developer

The support section has all the information you need if you want to get in contact with our support staff.

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