Introducing: Mimer Trust

 Mimer Trust, a joint product from the partnership between Trustonic and Mimer

Mimer Trust is a new product, marrying the secure world of Trustonic’s Kinibi with Mimer SQL. This allows an application in the Normal World to store data in the Secure World, that is a storage inside a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) which is a feature off, for example, the ARM processor architecture.

A TEE typically consists of a hardware isolation mechanism, plus a secure operating system running on top of that isolation mechanism and Trustonic has such an operating system for ARM, called Kinibi. Within that OS can only Trusted Applications (TA) run and this partnership between Trustonic and Mimer has resulted in a set of TAs that handles storage and manages the communication between the secure world and the normal world, a world in which Mimer SQL runs.

Consequently, has Mimer SQL been extended with capabilities to work with this secure storage and the upshot is that a database running in a rich operating system such as Linux, can transparently work with data that is inside the TEE. This data can thus be protected from tampering, or written but never changed.

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