Mimer SQL Mobile

Mimer SQL Mobile is a multi user DBMS (Database Management System) with full SQL support which enables you to deploy complete database applications on mobile phones, tablets and other small appliances. Mimer SQL Mobile can also transform your handheld device into an application server for multiple clients.

With support for all leading smartphone brands like Samsung, Huawei, Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, Toshiba, LG, Oppo, ZTE, Vivo, Lenovo, you can develop your database application once and deploy everywhere.

Do you need:

  • multi user data access?
  • a zero-maintenance run-time environment?
  • transaction control and recovery?
  • full SQL including procedures and triggers?
  • standard interfaces (ODBC, .NET, C++, Java)?

Yes? Then take a good look at Mimer SQL Mobile!

Mimer SQL Mobile is a small footprint relational DBMS for cellular phones, PDAs and other mobile devices.

Despite its small footprint, Mimer SQL Mobile has support for standard SQL in multi-user mode. Data stored in a Mimer SQL Mobile database is reduced significantly in size using exceptionally efficient compression techniques. And, Mimer SQL Mobile’s well-proven, efficient and self-tuning DBMS kernel gives you a zero maintenance run-time environment.

By incorporating a complete DBMS in your mobile device, you get an open architecture with flexible database access. You can have parallel applications on your mobile device accessing the same database, but remote clients can also access your mobile database.

Of course, your device can also be used as a client to access other Mimer SQL databases. This gives your mobile database unique connectivity and openness! All this is achieved through open, standardized interfaces making it possible to reuse your applications and skills.

Mimer SQL Mobile comes fully equipped with its own development environment which you can use on your PC or workstation to develop and even emulate your mobile application.

Mimer Information Technology licenses Mimer SQL Mobile using an aggressive volume discount model.

Full feature SQL

Mimer SQL Mobile implements the ISO SQL standard, and Mimer plays an active role as a member of the ISO standardization committee for SQL. This means that Mimer SQL Mobile supports important enterprise class SQL features like ACID transactions, stored procedures, triggers, fine-grained access control and views.

Mimer SQL Mobile includes support for a wide range of APIs. This includes Type 4 Java JDBC drivers (including J2ME), fully managed data providers for .NET (including the .NET Compact Framework) and a native ODBC driver. There is also an Embedded SQL pre-processor for C. It is also possible to use a small footprint low-level API in C.

Performance and scalability

Mimer SQL Mobile is an enterprise class database manager, based on technology capable of handling workloads of hundreds or even thousands of concurrent users generating high transaction rates with Terabytes of data. This guarantees short response times and a high degree of parallelism even as the amount of data and number of applications grow. The high performance and scalability of Mimer SQL Mobile make it possible to reuse the data management solutions developed today also in future mobile device products.

Mobile awarness

Mimer SQL Mobile includes several mobile aware features. A Mimer SQL Mobile database is always guaranteed to be correct and consistent after a power failure (for example a battery removal). If parts of the database reside on removable storage (for example memory stick), this data can be accessed totally transparent from the applications whenever the removable storage is inserted. The dynamic database cache makes it possible to get best possible database performance during for example a database build-up, while other application can utilize the available RAM when the Mimer SQL database server is idle. With the database upgrade feature, it is possible to upgrade a Mimer SQL database by uploading one single file to the device. This file is then used in a totally automatic database upgrade. The footprint and functionality of Mimer SQL Mobile can be customized based on the customer’s specific demands.

Small footprint

Mimer SQL Mobile has the industry’s best footprint-functionality ratio. This means that Mimer SQL Mobile offers more functionality in a smaller footprint than any other database product. It is possible to customize functionality and footprint with the different editions of Mimer SQL Mobile. The smallest edition is possible to run in 30 Kbytes of RAM, and still with full SQL functionality.

Multilingual support

Mimer SQL Mobile includes full support for the Unicode standard. This standard defines all alphabetical and non-alphabetical (ideographic) character sets of the world. Mimer SQL Mobile also supports SQL Collations, and has pre-defined support for search and sorting for more than 135 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many Indian languages. A special language collation called “current_collation” can be used to make applications independent of a specific language. Instead, when the current collation (=language) is changed, all applications will automatically search and sort according to the new collation. This is ideal functionality when the language setting on a phone is changed.

The multilingual search and sorting is implemented in a very dynamic and efficient manner both from a performance and footprint point of view.

In resource constrained environments it is possible to customize which languages to support in the database server. It is also possible for non-database applications to use the Mimer SQL Mobile multilingual module stand-alone (as a run-time library).

Zero maintenance

Mimer SQL Mobile is a completely maintenance free database server. The Mimer SQL Mobile database kernel is used in mission-critical systems all over the world, which verifies the robustness and high quality of the product. There is no need to run any utilities or other maintenance tools to for example rebuild the database storage structures to reclaim performance or storage. The non-locking concurrency control system totally avoids any unexpected application failures due to database locks. In an environment where the system must work standalone for extended periods of time, Mimer SQL Mobile is the perfect solution.

Cross platform

Mimer SQL Mobile is available on a wide range of mobile platforms like Android, BREW, Linux, Nucleus, OSE, Symbian OS and Windows Mobile with identical functionality and application programming interfaces enabling true application portability for all data management functionality between different mobile platforms. This portability includes 100% reuse of the database design and data models. It is also possible to adapt Mimer SQL Mobile to custom-specific hardware and operating system environments to achieve an even higher degree of portability.

Concurrent database access

Mimer SQL Mobile implements a client/server architecture with full concurrency and ACID transactional support. This makes it possible for different applications to simultaneously read and update the database under control of the Mimer SQL database manager. All database concurrency is controlled without any locking, which means that no locking overhead is introduced and deadlocks cannot occur. The multi-threaded Mimer SQL Mobile database server makes it possible to fully utilize also multiprocessing hardware (multi-core).

Well proven product with flexible licensing

Mimer SQL Mobile is a commercial product developed by Mimer Information Technology AB in Sweden, which also controls all the IPRs for Mimer SQL Mobile. The database server technology in Mimer SQL Mobile is used successfully since decades in many mission-critical systems all over the world. Another example of a Mimer SQL Mobile customer is one of the world’s top-five mobile device manufacturers. There is a long-term roadmap for the Mimer SQL Mobile product, which includes new features and other enhancements. This roadmap is decided in close cooperation with device manufacturers in the mobile industry. The Mimer SQL Mobile functionality can be extended with pre-integrated add-on products like face detection/recognition and hard real-time support.

Device manufacturers that use Mimer SQL Mobile in their products have access to priority support from the skilled support and development teams of Mimer. Mimer SQL Mobile is licensed under a flexible commercial business model.

Android, Linux, Windows and more..

The small footprint, full function relational database manager Mimer SQL Mobile allows data sharing between the applications on the mobile device under full concurrency control, and the enterprise class performance of Mimer SQL .

Mobile outperforms other mobile data management solutions. The multi-threaded database server architecture makes it possible to fully utilize multi-core hardware technologies. Therefore, Mimer SQL Embedded is a powerful tool for embedded device manufacturers to build more competitive solutions in a shorter time.

Mimer SQL Mobile is currently available on a wide range of mobile and embedded platforms including Android, Linux, Nucleus, OSE and Windows Mobile. Mimer SQL Mobile can also be provided in tailor-made versions according to the hand-set manufacturer’s requirements for functionality, footprint and HW/OS platform.

  • Multi user data access
  • Zero-maintenance run-time environment
  • Transaction control and recovery
  • Full SQL including procedures and triggers
  • Standard interfaces (ODBC, .NET, C++, Java)

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