Mimer SQL Embedded

Mimer SQL is a fully-fledged, relational DBMS with complete support for the SQL standard. Mimer SQL’s well-proven, efficient and self-tuning DBMS kernel is perfect for anyone who needs to deploy solutions in high volumes.

Do you need:

  • a small footprint SQL DBMS component?
  • a zero-maintenance run-time environment?
  • to have built-in multilingual support?
  • to develop applications for multiple platforms?
  • to keep your component costs down?
  • to shorten your time to market?If your answer to any of these questions is yes,

then take a closer look at Mimer SQL!

Mimer SQL is a fully-fledged, relational DBMS with complete support for the SQL standard. Mimer SQL’s well-proven, efficient and self-tuning DBMS kernel is perfect for anyone who needs to deploy solutions in high volumes. And if you need a SQL DBMS on your customized HW/OS device, our experienced developers can port a tailor-made version of Mimer SQL to your specific environment in far less time than you can imagine!

Mimer SQL is available on a wide range of platforms from mobile phones to enterprise servers. This makes it possible for you to build multi-platform solutions without increasing your development costs. And you can benefit from Mimer SQL’s built-in scalability, making it possible to serve thousands of concurrent users without any changes in your application.

When designing solutions for mass distribution, reducing the cost of every component is crucial for success. We recognize this and can offer you an extremely flexible licensing model for Mimer SQL when you use it in your volume products.

Database component with full standard support

Mimer SQL Embedded supports the ISO/ANSI 1999 SQL standard to 100%. This includes support for stored procedures, triggers, views and domains. Together with the support for standard APIs like ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET this will give the application programmer a unique interoperability and connectivity to other tools and IDEs.

Zero maintenance

Mimer SQL Embedded is a completely maintenance free database server. The Mimer SQL Embedded database kernel is used in mission-critical systems all over the world, which verifies the robustness and high quality of the product. There is no need to run any utilities or other maintenance tools to for example rebuild the database storage structures to reclaim performance or storage. The non-locking concurrency control system totally avoids any unexpected application failures due to database locks. In an environment where the system must work standalone for extended periods of time, Mimer SQL Embedded is the perfect solution.

Small footprint

The enterprise version of Mimer SQL has a footprint of only a few MBytes. The footprint of a tailor-made version of Mimer SQL Embedded can be reduced to 300 KB or even less, still with support for full SQL and concurrent database access.

Concurrent database access

Mimer SQL Embedded implements a client/server architecture with full concurrency and ACID transactional support. This makes it possible for different applications to simultaneously read and update the database under control of the Mimer SQL database manager.

Data security and consistency

The client/server architecture and a fine-grained access control system in Mimer SQL Embedded together with a rich set of data types with strong typing constraints protect the data in the database from any unintentional or malicious corruption.

Shorter time to market

By storing all data in a Mimer SQL Embedded database it is possible to share data between applications (even with concurrent access) while preserving full data consistency. With the full support for ISO/ANSI SQL and other important database standards the development time for database applications is reduced significantly.

Free development and flexible run-time licenses

Free development versions of all Mimer SQL products are available for download from Mimer’s developer web site https://developer.mimer.com. For run-time, Mimer offers a very flexible volume discount licensing


Mimer has a long experience of customization and porting the Mimer SQL products for various requirements and environments. All Mimer´s products stem from the same code-base and can be tailored for systems ranging from small embedded devices to resource abundant enterprise servers.

Cross platform

Mimer SQL Embedded is available for a wide range of operating systems. Evaluation versions for Windows, (including 7/Vista/XP, CE and Mobile), Linux (32- and 64-bit), and MacOS X are currently available for download from our developer site.

Android, Linux, Windows and more..

The small footprint, full function relational database manager Mimer SQL Embedded allows data sharing between the applications on the embedded device under full concurrency control.

Mimer SQL Embedded offers the full SQL feature set in a very small footprint, and it is possible to customize the functionality and footprint for a specific customer’s requirements.

And the enterprise class performance of Mimer SQL Embedded outperforms other data management solutions. Therefore, Mimer SQL Embedded is a powerful tool for embedded device manufacturers to build more competitive solutions in a shorter time.

  • small footprint SQL DBMS component
  • zero maintenance run-time environment
  • built-in multilingual support
  • develop applications for multiple platforms
  • keep your component costs down
  • shorten your time to market

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