For a first-time user, the most striking feature of Mimer SQL is the lack of configuration. Everything is handled automatically by the server and once installed it performs optimally. Focus can be where focus should be: building great applications with Mimer SQL as a secure, standards based, and high performance backend.


Mimer SQL is designed for tough conditions with hundreds or thousands of concurrent users generating extreme high database workloads. The small footprint and non-locking concurrency control give a high utilization of available hardware resources and a predictable scalability.

Small footprint

Mimer SQL has the industry’s best footprint-functionality ratio. This means that Mimer SQL  offers more functionality in a smaller footprint than any other database product. It is possible to customize functionality and footprint with the different editions of Mimer SQL. The smallest edition is possible to tun in 30 kbytes of RAM, and still with full real-time and SQL functionalities.


Mimer has a long experience of customization and porting the Mimer SQL products for various requirements and environments. All Mimer´s products stem from the same code-base and can be tailored for systems ranging from small embedded devices to resource abundant enterprise servers.

No maintenance

Mimer SQL is a completely maintenance free database server. The Mimer SQL database kernel is used in mission-critical systems all over the world, which verifies the robustness and high quality of the product. There is no need to run any utilities or other maintenance tools to for example rebuild the database storage structures to reclaim performance or storage. The non-locking concurrency control system totally avoids any unexpected application failures due to database locks. In an environment where the system must work standalone for extended periods of time, Mimer SQL Embedded is the perfect solution.