Consulting Services

The Mimer Partner eco system extends the capabilities of Mimer SQL product family in the mobile, embedded and enterprise markets.

Our goal is to give you and your experts the space you need to concentrate on your core business.

Let us help you with what we are absolutely best at, solutions for relational databases. This will enable you to concentrate on what you are best at, application and product development!

Our consultants can help you with:

  • Getting the best possible performance from your databases
  • Accessing your databases using different tools and interfaces
  • Consolidating your databases – streamline your database environment
  • Modernizing data – adapting your applications to standard SQL
  • Application development, with and without databases
  • Migrating to Mimer SQL
  • Upgrading to the latest release of your Mimer SQL product
  • Packaging Mimer SQL with your product for flexible distribution in mass volume

If you need expert consultant services, especially in the database field, don’t hesitate to Contact Us »