Let Us Train You

We can offer both Mimer SQL training courses and general database courses in Standard SQL and other standard database APIs like Java/JDBC and ADO.NET.

All our training is given either as scheduled courses at our training center or as on-site customer training wherever you are based (we’ve given Mimer SQL training in Australia, Europe and North America recently).

If you like, we can give you a customized training, tailor-made for your specific needs.

Some of our Mimer SQL courses are:

  • Developing for Mobile solutions.
  • Developing for Embedded solutions
  • Managing Enterprise solutions on OpenVMS
  • Managing Enterprise solutions on Windows
  • Managing Enterprise solutions on Unix/Linux

Our general database courses are:

  • Standard SQL, ANSI/SQL SQL:99
  • Stored procedures and Triggers, ANSI/SQL SQL:99
  • Data modeling and database design
  • Database programming with JDBC
  • Database programming with ADO.NET

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