Mimer SQL Enterprise / Cloud

Mimer’s roots are firmly set in the enterprise. Mimer SQL is the natural choice for enterprises that want to have the flexibility to move their database infrastructure seamlessly between the data center and the cloud, to desktops and devices, all thanks to the agile architecture that underpins Mimer SQL. More than thirty years of know-how combined with a modern and state-of-the-art codebase, lays the prefect foundation for reliability, scalability and flexibility.

As a pure 64-bit solution, the sky is the limit when it comes to storage capabilities. Only the hardware sets the boundaries with a database such as Mimer SQL – 4 Exabyte covers every conceivable database design in the foreseeable future, and a staggering maximum of 327 Terabyte cache size makes any modern datacenter no match for Mimer SQL.

Mimer 11 provides, not only support for Linux, Windows, VMS, and macOS, but also for the cloud with ready integrations for Docker and Kubernetes. The current, the future and the past — all fused together in one solution, designed to be the foundation for any modern enterprise architecture.

Easy Installation

The small footprint and very easy installation procedure make it possible to be up and running with your Mimer SQL Enterprise server within a few minutes after downloading the free evaluation and development version from Mimer’s web site

Zero maintenance

A running Mimer SQL Enterprise system requires virtually no supervision and no regular database administration. This because the deadlock-free concurrency control, automatic database tuning and many other advanced internal features in the database kernel.

24×7 availability

Mimer SQL Enterprise is designed for tough conditions with hundreds or thousands of concurrent users generating extreme high database workloads. The small footprint and non-locking concurrency control give a high utilization of available hardware resources and a predictable scalability.

100% SQL standard support

The 100% support for ISO/ANSI SQL and other important database standards in Mimer SQL Enterprise give a high interoperability and connectivity to other tools and systems.

Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

The combination of free development licenses, easy installation, zero maintenance and 100% compliance to standards keep your run-time costs down and preserves your investments in applications.

 Zero maintenance SQL database server

Mimer SQL’s efficient and self-tuning DBMS kernel provides you with a zero maintenance run-time environment – all part of Mimer SQL’s unique ‘Install & Forget’ concept.

Put that together with our firm commitment to international standards, and Mimer SQL provides the highest possible degree of interoperability with all major development tools and standard interfaces. Your developers’ skills in, e.g. SQL, .NET, ODBC and Java can easily be reused without any need for weeks of training. Instead, you can start using Mimer SQL immediately, all you have to do is download a free developer’s version from our Mimer SQL Developer web site!

Mimer SQL makes it possible for you to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) for your database solutions. Your development costs are reduced significantly due to e.g. the free Mimer SQL development licenses and Mimer SQL’s 100% conformance to database standards.

When your applications are ready for deployment, Mimer SQL run-time licenses can be purchased under very attricative conditions. And you will benefit from the zero maintenance operations of Mimer SQL for the full life-time of your application.

Mimer SQL is available on all major server platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX and OpenVMS. With Mimer SQL Mobile, your enterprise databases can be extended to mobile phones and PDAs. Your large database servers are of course accessible from mobile devices using very efficient communication protocols.

  • high performance and scalability
  • zero maintenance run-time environment
  • 24x7x365 availability
  • keep your total costs down

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