Partnership between ETAS GmbH and Mimer

Mimer SQL now integrated into ETAS  RTA-VRTE, a leading implementation of the AUTOSAR adaptive platform.

September, 2022
–  ETAS GmbH, a leading supplier of vehicle basic software, middleware, and development tools for the realization of software-defined vehicles, today announced a partnership with Mimer Information Technology AB, a leading supplier of embedded database solutions, to bring enterprise class data management to vehicle computers leveraging the AUTOSAR Adaptive platform.

Vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers are faced with an increasing data management challenge in their move to software-defined vehicles (SDVs). The need to store and use data in an automotive standards-compliant way within the vehicle itself is unchanged, but SDV brings challenges in both the scale of data to manage and the need to ensure that data “snapshots” are consistent. Furthermore, manufacturers need to make data available in a consistent, searchable, and extensible way for both their own product improvement and innovation plans, and to deliver an enterprise class software eco-system for use by new players in the mobility value creation chain.

ETAS and Mimer have solved these challenges by integrating ETAS RTA-VRTE, a leading implementation of the AUTOSAR Adaptive platform with Mimer’s SQL Automotive solution for consistent, reliable, safe and secure data transactions independently of whether access is from locally within the vehicle or remotely from enterprise back-end systems. This Starter Kit enables AUTOSAR Adaptive applications to use standard persistency layer interactions to store and retrieve data, as well as non-AUTOSAR software to access that same data with standard SQL queries.

ETAS has launched an RTA-VRTE Starter Kit that is compatible with Mimer’s solution and allows customers to explore both ETAS’ AUTOSAR Adaptive and Mimer’s SQL. The Starter Kit is available for both BlackBerry|QNX and Linux host OS platforms.

“We are excited to be partnering with ETAS to bring the AUTOSAR Adaptive platform enhanced with data management to market. Using Mimer SQL Automotive, ETAS’ automotive customers can future-proof their data access and management through the inherent post-deployment extensibility, modifiability, and scalability of a transactional database,” says Fredrik Malmström, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Mimer Information Technology AB.

“An embedded database with transactional support for data consistency provides a complimentary solution to the AUTOSAR Adaptive platform creating a bridge between automotive and enterprise data management,” says Dr. Nigel Tracey, Vice President of Vehicle Operating Systems at ETAS.

The RTA-VRTE / Mimer Starter Kit has been available since September 2022.

You can find the press release here >> ETAS_MIMER_Press_Release