Mimer SQL Data Provider 11.0.2A

The Mimer SQL Data Provider allows .NET clients to access Mimer SQL Database servers. The newly released version 11.0.2A of Mimer SQL Data Provider supports the new .NET 5 platform as well as .NET Core and .NET Framework.
Version 11.0.2A comes with encrypted communication support. Keep your information safe using encrypted communication between .NET clients and the Mimer SQL 11.0 database server. This is available for .NET Core and .NET 5 clients.
Version 11.0.2A also includes Mimer SQL Monitor, a graphical utility to interactively view the cost of SQL statements executed by the Mimer SQL Database server.
The newest version of Mimer SQL Data Provider is available for download at our download page and
The updated documentation with release notes can be found here: Mimer SQL Data Provider documentation