Mimer SQL 11 available now!

We can now proudly present Mimer SQL 11 as a released product!

The new major version of Mimer SQL is the result of more than five years development with focus on performance and scalability. The result is dramatically improved performance in the database kernel, in the SQL compiler and the optimizer, performance in the integration with the host operating system and performance in the client communication, just to mention a few.

Mimer SQL is a true 64-bit solution for databases, fully supporting the SQL standard, and built on very modern and flexible codebase, and among the many new features in Mimer SQL the following stands out:

  • Full support for SQL-2016 core as well as 137 extended features.
  • Support for 327 Terabyte cache and/or in-memory server
  • 4 Exabyte is maximum size of each databank file
  • Out of the box cloud support with Docker and Kubernetes integrations
  • Extended security features with state-of-the-art network encryption

Read the full release note here: What is Mimer SQL 11

Download the Linux version here: Mimer Developer Downloads

Mimer Version 11 for Windows, VMS and other operating systems will be released within short.