Mimer Information Technology wishing you a happy summer

The summer is here and it is time for well earned R&R for the Mimer development team. These last six months have been extremely productive, now that we have managed to navigate the hurdles and obstacles the pandemic put in front of us, and that so drastically has changed the way everybody in this industry works. New ways of communicating and new ways of collaborating were created by the team, driven by necessity and ingenuity. ”Adopt, adapt and improve”, as the old adage goes, and the results have exceeded our expectations.

Last year we saw Mimer SQL version 11 finally in its release version and this year we have been hard at work with ironing out the wrinkles and also, for the first time, made a release for Linux ARM. ARM is a strategically important plattform, being dominating in the automotive domain, and this release is a major milestone in that it is the first time we have made an ARM version generally available as part of the version 11.0.5 release. We have a long tradition of releasing Mimer SQL for  different architectures but those have all been customer oriented but this time it is a new packaging for general consumption, and that is very exciting.

Another first was our release for Docker, a plattform that serves many purposes. Docker is gaining traction, both in the cloud, in the datacenter and on the desktop and is an excellent vehicle for trying out Mimer SQL. This has also been proven by the academic world, where one of the Swedish Universities use Mimer SQL for Docker as part of their curriculum, since Mimer SQL is the closest one can get to a reference implementation of the SQL standard. Using Docker ensures that the students have identical installations and that assignments handed out, managed, and presented, regardless of how the students have set up their respective computing environments.

Looking ahead we see equal focus on the enterprise and our embedded solutions, as well as improving and extending Mimer SQL. The foundation and the groundwork that have been more than five years in the making are now starting to pay dividends and we have a true plattform for the future – the future for innovation in Mimer SQL, but most importantly, the future for our customers.