Mimer Trust, an essential tool for data security

Mimer Trust, the joint venture between Mimer Information Technology and Trustonic, adds a number of novel security features to the already very security focused relational database management system Mimer SQL.

By leveraging the Trusted Execution Environment, a special feature of the ARM processor architecture where cryptographically signed and verified applications can run in a Secure Enclave outside the normal world of the standard operating system, an installation of Mimer SQL alongside Trustonic’s Kinibi can provide new and very secure means of storage security and data verification.

Mimer Trust in its basic form allows certain tables to reside within this Secure Enclave, totally transparent to the application, but where data origin and integrity can be guaranteed.

By its nature is the storage capacity limited inside the TEE but by combing these two technologies this symbiosis, in addition to the storage inside the TEE, allows any data of arbitrary size to be cryptographically signed and managed with the effect that it is possible to create a data store where any undetected manipulation is impossible. Mimer SQL has by this cooperation the unique ability to store data tamper proof, in what is commonly referred to as a ledger, where this ability is securely based on hardware capabilities.