What if a database was really dynamic?
  • What if a database could be dynamically shifted between disks and storage, without downtime and without special solutions?
  • What if this was done all in the background and that load was automatically balanced between storage containers?
  • What if these containers could be allocated and deallocated at will, to provide a means to move a complete database, regardless of size, seamlessly and dynamically between physical storage solutions?
  • What if there was a way to increase I/O performance of the underlying physical storage to help the database realise its full potential?
Mimer SQL version 11.0.5

With the latest version of Mimer SQL 11, the world’s most advanced database server management system (DBMS), these questions are no longer a dream, it is reality. Mimer Information Technology, a leader in database technology, has once again pushed the limits for safe and scalable solutions, and dynamic storage is the name of the game.

Mimer SQL is a 64-bit DBMS which means that the limit of the database cache is 327 Terabytes, a limit that in reality means that there are virtually no limits when it comes to the size. There is no hardware that can match this and this is the problem. Mimer SQL needs a storage solution that can grow, a storage solution that can scale and, which is the most important feature, a storage solution that can support the high I/O demands a high-speed DBMS requires.

Our new ground-breaking capability MultiFile gives Mimer SQL the ability to extend an existing database container, the databank, from one datafile to many. When a new datafile is added to the databank, all existing data in that databank is migrated and balanced between all assigned datafile in real time. This ability, to be able to allocate storage dynamically, is totally transparent to the user, the application and the operating system. All the heavy lifting is done within Mimer SQL, with no system degradation, no penalties and no hassle.

Overcome limits to provide no limits

By offering MultiFile, Mimer SQL opens a vast array of possibilities, and for example. there is a way to dynamically extend storage when running out of disk space.

Add a datafile to the databank on a new disk and data will pour from one file to the other until it is evenly distributed. The datafile on the original drive has with this shrunk in size and so freed up disk space, and all this without downtime.

There is now a way to move a databank from one storage to another in order. Add an extension to one or many new drives and at the same time release the original. Once the data transfer is done is data on the new extensions and the original file is simply removed, being empty.

Assign the new physical layout with Mimer SQL and just wait for the data migration to take place and, once done, all datafiles scheduled for deletion disappears automatically. All available datafiles are then load balanced in the way you can expect from only Mimer SQL.

And this is the pearl: splitting the databank over several physical disks provides a way to alleviate the performance penalty of physical storage. Splitting the databank means splitting the load and the result is a way for storage to finally have a chance to match the I/O performance of Mimer SQL.

The Mimer SQL promise

Our promise of a perfectly balanced system with zero maintenance is one of our defining characteristics and it has just been extended to the next level. It is finally possible to shift everything in a live database in a high availability environment with no risk and no problem, only possibilities.

Safe, secure and scalable storage. World class innovation. Unsurpassed performance.

Mimer SQL – expect no less.