Empowering Tomorrow’s Automotive Software


ETAS offers a portfolio of products and solutions that enables a sustainable life-cycle for the Software Defined Vehicle. ETAS provides many of the building blocks needed for a safe and secure vehicle computer platform in the form of solutions for, amongst others, automotive middleware, cybersecurity solutions, data acquisition and software development.


One of ETAS products is an implementation of the industry standard AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, called RTA-VRTE. This is a middleware with application programming interfaces (APIs) that enables a standardized runtime environment for the software defined vehicle, comprised of many so called functional clusters, APIs that manages different requirements on such a software architecture. One of these centers around storage and is called the Persistency Functional Cluster, or ara::per as it is called in more technical terms.

ETAS has worked together with Mimer to build an AUTOSAR persistency functional cluster (ara::per) that interfaces to the Mimer SQL database. This unique solution creates a bridge that enables data from the automotive world to an enterprise class database, embedded in the vehicle, from where data can be aggregated, analyzed and data-mined like any other large-scale data in other vertical industries.

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