Let’s talk about Mimer API. It is a C language database interface offered with Mimer SQL to provide a close interaction with the database server.

Although the API is available on all Mimer SQL platforms, the primary target is embedded programming where processing and memory resources are scarce. The API include Mimer specific intermediate layers between programming languages and the Mimer SQL server, smartphone database layers, and real-time systems.

The Mimer API may execute any database statement supported by the server. This includes the common SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE but also DDL statements such as CREATE and DROP TABLE, recursive WITH, as well as procedure calls. Predefined statements may also be used. The Mimer API supports most features available on the server being used, such as scrollable cursors, large objects, national character data types, transactions, and stored procedures. It also has a subset for even more constrained devices. The Mimer Micro API lacks support for things such as error texts, and querying SQL statement meta data. The real time components the Mimer API allow the application to perform certain database operations with real-time characteristics, that is with an in advance known maximum guaranteed execution time. This is required in a real time environment to allow the system to guarantee the software always meet hard deadlines. Since the Mimer API is a C based API, any development tool based on C or C++ may be used with the API. Although possible, Java or .Net are not recommended. To develop using Java or .Net, please use the Mimer SQL JDBC driver or .Net Data provider.

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