Support For OpenVMS On x86 Architecture

Mimer SQL 11 on OpenVMS V9.2 — The first relational database support for OpenVMS on x86 architecture

Mimer SQL, the high-performance SQL database management system, is proud to announce the support for the OpenVMS V9.2 operating system running on the x86 architecture. With this latest development, Mimer SQL expands its capabilities to a new platform, bringing the benefits of its cutting-edge technology to even more users around the globe.

This new development is a significant milestone for Mimer Information Technology, as it marks the first time a relational database has been ported to OpenVMS™ on the x86 architecture.


Mimer SQL’s new support for OpenVMS on x86 architecture is just one of the outstanding features of the product. Mimer SQL is a robust, high-performance SQL database management system designed for applications that require maximum reliability, security, and scalability. It is a product that has been trusted by businesses and organizations around the world for over 40 years.

Mimer SQL is designed for binary compatibility and Mimer SQL for OpenVMS V9.2 is no exemption where servers running on OpenVMS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS®, INTEGRITY® or QNX® are functionally equivalent and all are part of the same solution – all Mimer SQL databanks are freely movable between related architectures and all clients can connect to all members of the family.


“We are thrilled to be the first database company in the world to support OpenVMS on x86 architecture with Mimer SQL,” said Magnus Hedencrona, CEO of Mimer Information Technology AB. “We take pride in our innovative spirit and our ability to deliver world-class technology that meets the needs of our customers. With this latest development, we are extending the reach of our product to even more users around the world.”


Mimer SQL can also seamlessly replace the RDB database on OpenVMS, offering users a reliable and efficient alternative. Mimer SQL’s high-performance capabilities make it an excellent choice for applications that require maximum uptime and performance.


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