Mimer SQL

The world’s most modern and efficient database


Mimer SQL is the natural choice for an in-vehicle solution to match the hard demands of secure, flexible and reliable data management in today’s autonomous and connected cars with stunning performance.

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The Software Defined Vehicle relies on data, computation and connectivity — all parts of a closely tied together net of information processing that is dependent on information integrity.

Mimer SQL, with its unparalleled security focus on all levels of data management, coupled with the wide offering of supported hardware platforms, is the obvious choice for the security conscious automotive architecture.

A data management solution with a small memory footprint and a performance that  beats the competition guarantees the best value for processing power. Efficiency at the core, and standards first, gives a software platform that can scale and grow to last a vehicle’s lifetime.

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Mimer SQL, a cross platform relational database for the embedded domain, makes it possible to build exceptional solutions for cellular phones, tablets and other embedded devices.

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The embedded domain requires a secure, reliable and resource conservative solution for data management.

Adding Mimer SQL to your architecture relieves your development effort from the complexity of secure data storage; not only do you not have to reinvent the wheel, Mimer SQL’s efficient design will out-perform any solution in regard to speed, reliability and integrity.

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Mimer SQL gives enterprise developers performance, security, as well as the flexibility to move their infrastructure seamlessly between the data center, the cloud, and devices. Time tried and trusted.

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Mimer SQL’s roots are since decades firmly set in the enterprise. Customers world-wide have come to rely on the flexibility of Mimer SQL with its firm commitment to standards and wide support for programming languages.

More than thirty years of know-how combined with a modern and state-of-the-art codebase, lays the prefect foundation for reliability, scalability and flexibility, and the promise of 64-bit technology allows for a virtually limitless storage capability.

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Data is all about security and Mimer SQL is all about data. Continuously improved and refined, the security features of Mimer SQL leaves nothing wanting. Data in use, data in motion, and data at rest are all covered with reliable and documented algoritms, covered by Mimer SQL’s major design philosophy, ease of use.


Making the most of what you have, that is the main creed of efficiency and this is where Mimer SQL delivers. The most modern codebase in the world guarantees performance that wastes nothing and out-performed everything. Security, integrity and reliability for all solutions, big and small, with virtually no limits.