The Mimer SQL Developer web site

At the Mimer SQL developer web site anyone who develops applications based on SQL databases can find a wealth of useful information.

Mimer’s developer site makes it even easier for developers to use the powerful database management system Mimer SQL. Apart from free developer versions of Mimer SQL, developers can also find technical information on different Mimer products, all of Mimer SQL’s documentation online, extensive information on various database interfaces and how SQL databases are used with development tools.

Anyone needing help with their SQL database can find numerous practical tips and also search the site’s FAQ section.

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Open standards

Mimer SQL implements ODBC as one of its native interfaces. Using ODBC with Mimer SQL is therefore as effective as any other database API.

Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) is a cross-platform, call-level interface that allows applications to access data in any database for which there is an ODBC driver. Using ODBC, you can create database applications with access to any database for which your end-user has an ODBC driver. ODBC provides an API that allows your application to be independent of the source database management system (DBMS). This enables for software developers to write open database programs without the need of a proprietary interface.

Note that unixODBC can be used for free by both commercial and non-commercial operations.

Our partners

The Mimer Partner eco system extends the capabilities of Mimer SQL product family in the mobile, embedded and enterprise markets.

Together with our Technology partners, we make sure that Mimer SQL is integrated with and optimized for different hardware, operating system and tools.

Our Distributor partners offer local sales&marketing, support and training for the Mimer SQL product family.

Mimer Technology Partner

Mimer is building a network of technology partners both in the mobile and in the server technology industry. By working closely with our technology partners, we can offer tight integration of Mimer SQL with our partner’s operating systems and tools.