Mimer Information Technology today announces that the company improves the Mimer SQL’s real-time capabilities. With Mimer SQL Real-Time it is possible to share real-time data and non-real time data at run-time using one single database manager. This opens up a new field in industrial application development, where efficient and predictable real-time data access can be seamlessly combined with administrative databases.

Mimer SQL Real-Time is a predictable, scalable and zero maintenance database management system with hard deterministic real-time guarantees. Mimer SQL Real-Time is intended for both critical real-time embedded systems as well as for applications that require high performance data management.

With unrivalled performance and hard real-time predictability, Mimer SQL Real-Time manages all your application data, such as sensor/actuator data, logs, trends, parameters, and administrative data in one data storage. Data can be accessed in real-time using our unique Mimer SQL Real-Time API. Administrative data access of all data (including real-time data) can be performed using any standard SQL interface.

The real-time kernel support advanced aggregation of real-time values. Thus it is easy to create a history of what has happened in the real-time environment. This can be focused on critical events and/or be a log for maintenance analysis etc. The aggregated values are stored in Mimer SQL so a transition from hard real-time to soft real-time takes place during the aggregation. The functionality is built so that aggregation can be added to an existing system and does not affect how sensors/actuators interact with the system.

Mimer SQL Real-Time is especially targeting automotive, process automation, robotics, military applications, and medical/health-care systems.

By using Mimer SQL Real-Time, our customers and partners can be sure that all critical systems and applications will perform predictably, even at peak-load conditions.

For more information about Mimer SQL Real-Time, please contact your local Mimer representative or e-mail info@mimer.com