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Mimer SQL Real-Time is a predictable, scalable and zero maintenance database management system with hard real-time guarantees. Mimer SQL Real-Time is intended for both critical real-time embedded systems as well as for applications that require high performance data management. 

By combining predictable hard real-time and non-real-time database access, integrated data management solutions impossible to implement with other DBMS products on the market are made possible.

 Predictable Real-Time Database with full SQL Support
With unrivalled performance and hard real-time predictability, Mimer SQL Real-Time manages all your application data, such as sensor/actuator data, logs, trends, parameters, and administrative data in one data storage. Data can be accessed in real-time using our unique Mimer SQL Real-Time API. Administrative data access of all data (including real-time data) can be performed using any standard SQL interface.

Mimer SQL is especially targeting embedded real-time control applications, such as process automation, robotics, automotive and transportation systems, military applications, and medical/health-care systems.
By using Mimer SQL Real-Time, you can be sure that all your critical applications will perform predictably, even at peak-load conditions.
Mimer has a long experience of customization and porting the Mimer SQL products for various requirements and environments. All Mimer´s products stem from the same code-base and can be tailored for systems ranging from tiny real-time control-nodes to resource abundant enterprise servers.
Mimer SQL Real-Time can be made available for a wide range of operating systems, both general operating systems and RTOS’s. Evaluation versions for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Windows CE, Linux, and VxWorks are currently available upon request. For more information about Mimer SQL Real-Time, please contact us.
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