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Mimer SQL is a fully-fledged, relational DBMS with complete support for the SQL standard.

Mimer SQL’s well-proven, efficient and self-tuning DBMS kernel is perfect for anyone who needs to deploy solutions in high volumes.
 Small footprint SQL database server for embedded solutions
The small footprint, full function relational database manager Mimer SQL Embedded allows data sharing between the applications on the embedded device under full concurrency control.
Mimer SQL Embedded offers the full SQL feature set in a very small footprint, and it is possible to customize the functionality and footprint for a specific customer's requirements.
And the enterprise class performance of Mimer SQL Embedded outperforms other data management solutions. Therefore, Mimer SQL Embedded is a powerful tool for embedded device manufacturers to build more competitive solutions in a shorter time.

For mission critical systems, Mimer SQL Embedded can be extended with the Mimer SQL Real-Time extension that offers hard real-time data access combined with standard SQL access.
  small footprint SQL DBMS component
  zero maintenance run-time environment
  built-in multilingual support
  develop applications for multiple platforms
  keep your component costs down
  shorten your time to market

More information about Mimer SQL Embedded can be found in the Mimer SQL Technical Description white paper or at the Mimer Developer's web site.

Mimer SQL

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